Door Window Sensor

Category: Smart Home

  Door & Window Sensor

 Compatible with ZigBee Home automation system  to transition your home to a Smart Home


ZigBee is the wireless language that harnesses the power of the mesh to connect every product in the network. All your imagination can happen.


Remote control to close the windows in a suddenly rainy day.

  • Linkage each appliance to easily control your house.
  • Save your time and effort and worry.


The Door&Window sensor is designed for a quick do-it-yourself installation.


  • It consists of the sensor and the magnet.
  • The sensor and the magnet are mounted on the door / window and the frame.
  • When the two parts separately, an alert is trigger.


Product parameters


  • Product Name?Door/Window Sensor
  • Wireless frequency?2.4GHz
  • Power supply?CR2032 button battery
  • Wireless standard?IEEE 802.15.4
  • Case Material?PC+ABS
  • Transmitter dimensions?61.5x30.3x11.7mm
  • Operating environment?-10 - 50°C
  • Magnet dimensions?44.8x10.9x7.9mm
  • Infrared Remote Angle?Operating humidity
  • Communication protocol?ZigBee HA