Bird Weighing (Egg Production)

Precision weighing systems for all types of poultry

Monitoring bird weights is an important tool in modern poultry management. Especially in poultry growing, the exact determination of bird weights is a decisive factor for economic success.

However, any farmer keeping broiler breeders, pullets or layers must also check the weight development of his birds closely. Too high or too low weights always have a negative effect on the production results and also mean that the farmer is not taking full advantage of the birds‘ genetic potential, which in turn influences the farm’s profits negatively.

Rashmi International can offer the right poultry scale for any application, whether you need a fixed or a mobile version, a standalone system or a scale integrated into the production computer.


Swing 20 - Versatile poultry scale

  • Swing 20 consists of a load cell and a platform made of plastic material (or, as an option, stainless steel). Using the telescopic suspension, the platform can easily be adjusted in height and thus be adapted to the birds’ age. The birds accept the scale well, resulting in plenty of weighings and therefore also in precise weight data.
  • Swing 20 is suspended from the barn’s ceiling. During the service period, the scale can easily be removed for cleaning while the weighing electronics remain installed close to the ceiling where they are protected against dirt.


Swing 100 - Poultry scale for turkeys

Swing 100 consists of a 1 x 1 m large plastic plate that is fixed to two stainless steel brackets. Swing 100 is attached directly to the load cell by means of four suspension ropes and snap hooks.

The suspension point is quite high, keeping swinging motions to a minimum to ensure that the birds accept the scale. This guarantees a high number of weighings and therefore precise weight determination.

The scale comes with a winch so that its height can easily be adjusted to meet the birds’ age. For cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner, the scale can be released from the snap hooks.


Incas 2 - Poultry scale for layers

Incas 2 is a poultry scale that can be used in houses where layers are kept on the floor or in cages. Thanks to the multi-purpose stainless steel suspension, Incas 2 can either be fitted laterally to the wire mesh or, if the load cell is angled accordingly, be fixed to the system’s flooring.

Due to its low weight of only 2 kg, Incas 2 is well-suited for use as a mobile poultry scale. The small distance between the floor and the load cell, which is shaped like a perch, ensures a high number of weighings and therefore precise weight determination.


IncasCompact - Poultry scale for pullets and the AviMax broiler system

IncasCompact is a poultry scale ideal for weighing pullets as well as broilers kept in the AviMax system. It is entirely made of stainless steel. The circular weighing platform has a diameter of 15 cm.

IncasCompact is simply placed on the floor where its two feet hook into the flooring. Thanks to its compact design, the scale can also be used for mobile weighing.


Nesca - Poultry scale for broiler breeders

Nesca is a poultry scale recently developed by Big Dutchman for integration into group laying nests (patent pending). The scale automatically determines the weight of hens visiting the nest to lay their eggs.

Nesca records the largest possible range of weights of a great number of hens, whether they are heavy, light or lazy, and without requiring any additional efforts from the staff. Nesca consists of a bottom wire mesh which rests on four load cells. The load cells transmit their results to the production computer via a weighing module.


Main advantages

  • Automatic weight determination;
  • A lower number of manual weighings reduces the workload and saves time;
  • The period for weighing can be defined individually, for example before feeding or during the main laying phase;
  • Automatic differentiation between males and females during weighing.

ComScale - Weighing computer as stand-alone solution

ComScale is a stand-alone weighing computer which can be installed in a fixed place in the service room or used as a battery-powered mobile scale. Poultry scales that are available for connection to ComScale include Swing 20 and 100 as well as Incas 2 and IncasCompact.

All measured values can be saved directly in the weighing computer or transferred to a PC using a memory module. From here, the data can be analysed in tables or graphs by means of the corresponding software (optional). An automatic comparison with a pre-defined set curve helps to detect deviations.

Using the GSM version has the advantage that data are transferred daily to the PC via GSM modem (wireless) or to your mobile phone by text message.


FlexScale - Manual mobile poultry scale

FlexScale is a battery-powered, portable, user-friendly weighing computer that automatically saves manual weighings. FlexScale has a concise display, a large memory and a long battery life.

Data are saved in pre-defined groups. A group may consist of an entire house, of a limited area with males, or of females only. The measured results can be transferred to a PC. The supplied software then shows statistics, histograms and growth curves for easy analysis. The data can also be compared with a set curve.

A battery-powered printer is available as an option. This printer allows the producer to print measured results directly from FlexScale. The scope of delivery for FlexScale includes a simple weighing hook, the battery charger and the carrying case. Another, more comfortable weighing hook is available as an option, making manual weighing of the birds even easier. FlexScale is available in two versions: for up to 30 kg and for up to 50 kg of weight.