Earny 2 Heat Exchanger (Egg Production)

 Saves heating costs, improves the house climate and reduces emissions


With earny 2, big dutchman can offer you a heat exchanger with optimised technical features. Its predecessor has been proving its worth on the market successfully since 2011. The heat exchanger recovers the thermal energy in the exhaust air of poultry houses. This means:


  •     Heating cost savings of up to 60 percent;
  •     An improved house climate;
  •     Reduced emissions.


Earny 2 is available in three sizes, based on the number of birds in the house.

Main advantages Technology and efficiency:


  •     Energy savings of up to 60 percent depending on the location and application;
  •     Heat recovery of up to 194 kw;
  •     Supplied ready for installation for low assembly requirements;
  •     Intelligent control with the vipertouch climate computer or amacs;
  •     No unhygienic pipe system, no energy loss: extremely short distances between house and heat exchanger;
  •     Fully automatic cleaning of the filter unit during the batch to avoid performance losses;
  •     Easy wet cleaning of the filters after the batch; in case of freezing temperatures, the filters can be removed easily and quickly for cleaning inside the house;
  •     The height of the exhaust air pipe from the house into the heat exchanger can be selected flexibly on site; as an alternative, an opening can be made to connect the filter chambers directly with the house;


Animal and environment protection:


  •     Improved house climate for healthier birds and better production results;
  •     Dry litter for healthy feet;
  •     Reduced use of medication;
  •     Lower co2 emissions thanks to heat energy savings*;
  •     Reduced emissions from the house (ammonia, dust, odour);
  •     Adjustment of the humidity;
  •     Can be retrofitted in old and renovated houses;
  •     Optionally available in the colour green.


* 37 t less co2 per year for a house with 42000 birds and utilisation of natural gas