BFN Fusion (Egg Production)

BFN Fusion

The digital platform for maximum efficiency on your farms!


Just as we once navigated the oceans using the stars, data can now help you optimize the results of your livestock operations. BFN Fusion is a game­ changing software platform. It bundles all data generated by your farms and adds relevant value to your production. Big Data à la Big Dutchman.


Digitalization: the rising star of your livestock production.


BFN Fusion is a milestone for digitalization in agriculture – not only for us as a company: our cloud-based solution sets new standards for the entire industry. BFN Fusion offers producers a great variety of added value, especially for larger companies with multiple farms at different locations.


Main advantages


  •     Full control and maximum security
  •     Lower costs, increase efficiency, achieve predictable success
  •     Eliminate human error, reduce the staff workload
  •     Reduce production risks
  •     Create complete and secure documentation
  •     Reduce diseases and minimize losses
  •     Remain flexible and capable of acting


Production made more efficient, profitable and sustainable


A big added value for your entire value chain


The system provides standardized data from all production phases and from every link of your value chain. It allows the integration of feed mills, slaughterhouses, hatcheries, feed silos and more, and manages all data centrally, including those from your ERP system.


As a user, you can easily and securely access all production-relevant information in comprehensive form and bundled on one innovative cloud platform. For the first time ever, you will be able to monitor the entire value chain without gaps, allowing data-based optimization of your production.


BFN Fusion also facilitates the documentation of all production processes, indicates potential for optimization and makes your business more sustainable and more profitable.


Everything that matters, at a glance


Valuable knowledge through intuitive insights.


As a cloud-based solution, you can access BFN Fusion from anywhere in the world and with any device: your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC.


The user interface is easy to understand and intuitive to use. Because we know what information is truly important for your daily tasks. This is how we guide you to stay safely on track for success.


Different BFN Fusion modules, one goal


All performance data at a glance for predictable business development.



BFN Fusion provides you with the full overview and control of your production chain, at all locations and in real time. We have developed a specific application module for every aspect of your business.


Over time, we will add more modules as they are relevant for our three business units for egg production, poultry growing and pig production. BFN Fusion will continue to grow, and so will your possibilities of confidentially meeting the future challenges of the agricultural industry.


OrbitX – small box, big connection


A true quantum leap – irrespective of the equipment you use.



Do you use equipment or controllers from other manufactures, maybe even different ones on different farms? No problem! Our OrbitX IoT gateway is the missing link that connects every type of hardware with BFN Fusion – easily, securely and reliably. The small box is easy to install at any of your locations.



OrbitX transfers all your production and climate data to the BFN Fusion cloud in real time. Integrating OrbitX into your existing farm network, you can interconnect the data of all your locations and farms. BFN Fusion validates and structures the real-time data from all of your farms: for the first time ever, you will receive a full, detailed and comparable overview of your entire value chain.


Main advantages


  •     Connection of all manufacturers
  •     All farms connected, all data visible
  •     Independent of the internet on site
  •     Completely cared for and secure
  •     Connected worldwide, unrivaled worldwide