Animal welfare solutions (Poultry Growing )

 Products for even more animal welfare in broiler houses


Pureline products


Animal-friendly management systems, a good climate in the barn, emission reduction and labour efficiency are the requirements of today and tomorrow. Big dutchman offers a wide range of products for increased animal welfare in broiler houses. This includes:


  •     The use of organic enrichment material;
  •     Litter boxes;
  •     Elevated resting areas and perching options.


Straw or hay basket


Broilers are very interested in baskets filled with hay or alfalfa. These baskets are easy to suspend from the ceiling. When the barn is depopulated, the baskets can simply be removed.


Elevated resting area


The elevated resting areas available from Big Dutchman are entirely made of plastic. They are easy to set up and to remove. Thorough cleaning is also not an issue. The birds are easily able to get onto the platform, which is 330 mm high. The standard dimensions are 3448 mm x 750 mm, i.e. the platform has a surface area of 0.878 m2. Further extensions are possible.
Litter box


The litter boxes (1400 mm x 800 mm x 100 mm) are simply placed on the ground and can be filled with many different materials.


A-rack 5800


The folding A-racks 5800 from Big Dutchman are fully made of metal. A total of five perches are mounted on four cross members at different heights. This means that even young birds can easily “take a seat”. Each A-rack generates 29 m of perching space.
Siesta perch


The raised Siesta perch by Big Dutchman is completely made of a plastic material. Setting up the perch as well as removing and cleaning it is all easily done. The jump height is 150 mm. The standard version of the perch is 3000 mm long. It can be installed in both standing and suspended position.