The professional management and control solution for egg production


With amacs, big dutchman can offer you antried and tested hardware and software solution for more efficiency in egg production. Amacs controls and monitors all houses that belong to the farm complex. Remote access via the internet additionally allows you to monitor and control houses at different locations using your pc, smartphone or tablet. Good to know:


  •     Suitable for any farm size, I.E. For individual houses as well as for farm complexes;
  •     Perfect adaptability to your farm’s requirements;
  •     Expandable at any time due to the modular design;
  •     Alarm messages are sent to your smartphone or tablet by email;
  •     Integration of a camera for direct image transmission from the house;
  •     Support via remote maintenance: our amacs specialists can log-on to your farm controller and are thus able to provide fast help in case of trouble – of course only after your express approval.


Main advantages


  •     Everything at a glance → the start screen immediately shows the current state of all houses.
  •     Real-time visualisation → all events are displayed in real time on your farm controller.
  •     Central data management → analyses per bird, comparison with reference values: everything is possible.
  •     Password-protected remote access → you can access all data and settings remotely – with password protection, of course.
  •     High flexibility → different interfaces for data export are available so you can carry out your own analyses for your farm.
  •     High speed and overload protection → we recommend using fibre-optic network technology.
  •     One-click language change → 17 languages are available.