FLUXX 330 & 360 (Poultry Growing )

 The proven feed pans for successful broiler production


FLUXX is a feed pan for broiler growing developed by Big Dutchman. It not only satisfies the needs of day-old chicks but also those of heavy birds during the final grow-out period. The innovative 360° flooding mechanism ensures a high feed level in the pan during the chicks’ first days in the house − without causing any additional work!


FLUXX is available in different versions depending on your needs:


  •     Pan diameter: 330 or 360 mm
  •     Fluxx 330 with 5 or 14 grille bars
  •     Fluxx 360 with 8 or 16 grille bars
  •     With deep or flat, sectioned dish
  •     Fluxx 330 with overflooding mechanism
  •     With or without flexled glo
  •     With or without sliding shut-off



Main advantages


  •     The pan is flooded when it stands in the litter or on the ground
  •     The pan is not flooded when it is suspended
  •     Screwless snap-on system
  •     The feed level can be adjusted easily and securely using a triple thread
  •     Flexible grille bars
  •     The large feed-saving lip is curved inwards
  •     The pan rim has a smooth profile
  •     The baffles turn together with the outer cylinder
  •     The pan dish can be opened up
  •     The flat pan dish is divided into sections
  •     The V-shaped pan dish sits deep in the litter
  •     The pan can swing freely or be fixed to the pipe as an option
  •     Sliding shut-off