Heating Systems (Egg Production)

 An ideal temperature in every poultry house


Ideal house temperatures have a substantial influence on the health and performance of your birds. Adequate heating systems are therefore a necessity in many climate zones. The overall goal is to maximise the thermal yield and to transfer it to the birds in the best possible way to keep energy costs as low as possible.


Big Dutchman offers several different heaters that are fuelled by gas, oil or hot water.




Heaters with 100 percent heat output


JetMaster is a tried and tested heater that has been part of the Big Dutchman product range for many years. JetMaster heaters are available for operation with natural gas or propane as well as fuel oil and are thermostatcontrolled.


Due to the flame monitoring, the gas supply is immediately interrupted should the heater not ignite or the flame extinguish.


The built-in fan provides a wide throwing range and distributes the warm air ideally in the house. The Automatic Control Unit (ACU) provides information about the heater’s operating state.


Main advantages


  •     The generated heat is 100 % beneficial to the birds → no heat loss;
  •     No chimney connection necessary;
  •     Easy to install;
  •     Attractive price / performance ratio.


JetMaster with flue gas exhaust heaters with indirect combustion and low energy consumption


JetMaster heaters with flue gas exhaust are available for operation with fuel oil, natural gas or propane. Due to the closed combustion chamber, the house air remains free of excess carbon dioxide and other harmful gases, as these are guided towards the outside via a chimney.


The built-in fan provides a wide throwing range and distributes the warm air ideally in the house. With the DXC and RGA models, fresh air required for combustion is drawn in from the outside through a double-walled chimney. The fresh air is pre-heated in this manner, which increases efficiency.


Main advantages


  •     No Flue Gases Reach The House Air;
  •     The Air Flow Rate Can Be Reduced;
  •     A Double-walled Chimney Increases Efficiency;
  •     There Is No Open Flame In The Barn.


HeatMaster hot-water heating, future-proof and sustainable


Hot-water heating continues to be very popular because it significantly improves the air quality (low CO2 concentration in the house air). The objective is to maximise the heat output. This is achieved by a radiator with a large surface.

Renewable energy sources such as wood chips or straw pellets are an ideal solution for the preparation of hot water.


Boilers fired by gas or fuel oil can also be used, of course. Especially the use of waste heat produced by a CHP or biogas plant is a great advantage. Big Dutchman can offer three HeatMaster models, all of which consist of a fin system, a fan and a distribution unit.


Main advantages


  •     no flue gases reach the house air;
  •     a great variety of combustibles can be used;
  •     there is no open flame in the barn.


Fin heater Hot-water heating with a large surface area for high heat output


The fin heater offered by Big Dutchman is made of a galvanized or aluminium pipe with an epoxy powder coating. Hot water is pumped through the pipe. The fins have a large surface area of 1 m² per running metre. Heat emerges from these fins and causes a strong thermal.


The spacing between the fins is large enough to ensure that dust does not accumulate. The fin heater is mounted directly beneath the fresh air inlets to heat the incoming air.


Main advantages


  •     High heat output;
  •     Low space requirements;
  •     High functional reliability due to automatic aeration;
  •     Low weight (aluminium);
  •     Simple, time-saving installation by means of a special coupling.


3-way mixing group powerful and reliable


In combination with the ViperTouch climate and production computer, the powerful 3-way mixing group from Big Dutchman controls houses with hot-water heating in such a way that they always maintain the required temperature level, steplessly from 0 to 100 percent.


This means that the birds do not experience any temperature fluctuations. To supply houses of different sizes, this control unit is available with 150, 300 and 600 kW. The temperature difference between flow and return is 20 K. The control group can be shut off entirely by means of four ball valves.


Circulation fans for an improved distribution of warm air in the barn


Circulation fans distribute warm air very evenly, especially in long houses, thus improving bird distribution in the barn as well. The fans are installed at a distance of approx. 20 to 30 m to the heaters. The powerful FC050-4EQ circulation fan is additionally equipped with a guide vane.


Thanks to its large throwing range and the bundled air jet it produces, this fan is especially well-suited for narrow and low houses as well as the use of our Earny heat exchanger.


Gas brooders for a directed supply of heat


Gas brooders are especially well-suited if it is necessary to supply birds with intensive heat in a specific area and for a defined amount of time. Examples include turkeys, ducks, broilers and pullets during the rearing phase. The fact that these gas brooders do not require a power supply is a great advantage.


Infrared tube heaters use of radiant heat, space-saving, no noise and no draughts


Infrared tube heaters are fired by gas and mainly produce radiant heat. The heat rays are similar to solar radiation: they pass through air without significant losses. The rays are thus converted to sensible heat only where they hit a surface. At lower ambient temperatures, this creates a very comfortable temperature sensation for the birds.


Main advantages


  •     High thermal comfort for the birds at low energy requirements;
  •     Made entirely of stainless steel;
  •     Aluminised heating tube for improved heat emission;
  •     Reflector with ideal angle;
  •     Patented tiss™ safety device (tube integrity safety system) as emergency shutdown;
  •     Easy to clean with a high-pressure cleaner (ip 55);
  •     Can be fired by both natural gas and propane.