AviMax transit (Poultry Growing )

 The multi-tier system for hygienic, efficient and successful broiler growing


Avimax transit is an innovative manure belt system developed by big dutchman for broiler growing. It has been designed for hygienic management conditions and maximum profitability. This means:


  •     Healthy and uniform birds, increased growth rate, high feed conversion, up to one batch more per year;
  •     Two to four times higher stocking densities compared to production on the floor, leading to a significantly improved utilisation of the house surface area and to reduced energy costs for heating and/or cooling;
  •     Simple cleaning and disinfection after the batch;
  •     Automatic transport of the ready-forslaughter broilers out of the house to save time and reduce costs and to ensure optimum conditions for loading of containers for the slaughterhouse.  


Main advantages


  •     Low system height thanks to patented and innovative pivoting floors;
  •     Flexible and soft plastic flooring keeps the birds’ feet clean and creates ideal hygienic conditions;
  •     The entire folding front can be opened very simply so the bird area is easily accessible for inspection purposes and for quick and easy moving-in and -out;
  •     Ideal, dimmable lighting of all compartments thanks to the use of energy-saving flexled lamps;
  •     500 mm height in the bird area and the side grilles provide optimal air exchange throughout the entire barn;
  •     Zinc-aluminium coating of all wire parts for good corrosion protection and a long service life;
  •     Easy-to-operate pivoting floors for quick and efficient moving-out of the broilers;
  •     Daily manure removal to reduce ammonia emissions in the barn to a minimum;
  •     Simple cleaning and disinfection of the entire system, I.E. No costs for litter, reduced labour requirements.