Vista 360 (Poultry Growing )

 The new feed pan for successful broiler growing


Vista 360 is a feed pan for broiler growing newly developed by big dutchman. The pan not only satisfies the needs of day-old chicks but also those of heavy birds during the final grow-out period. The following points are essential for successful broiler rearing and growing:


  •     Easy access to feed for broilers of every age
  •     Minimal feed wastage
  •     No breast bruises in the final grow-out period
  •     Simple, thorough cleaning.


Vista 360 fulfils all of these requirements optimally.


Main advantages


  •     The innovative 360° flooding mechanism ensures a high feed level in the pan → ideal start for day-old chicks;
  •     Starting with the feed level adjusted to 3, the pan can be »overflooded« → optimum chick start;
  •     The flooding mechanism closes automatically when the pan is lifted → the feed level is lowered, reducing feed wastage to an absolute minimum;
  •     No barriers → easy access to feed for broilers of every age;
  •     The pan is made of high-quality, uv-resistant plastic;
  •     The pan can be cleaned thoroughly with a high-pressure cleaner.