EggSmart (Egg Production)

 The elevator for secure egg transport that requires little space in the end set area


EggSmart is a new elevator from Big Dutchman that transports eggs from the longitudinal belts to the elevator chain and then onto the cross belt. The new elevator needs very little space in the end set area.


The eggs are first transferred from the longitudinal egg belt to a short rod conveyor, from where deflectors distribute them onto the entire width of the elevator chain. No additional dosing units are required. The well-proven Big Dutchman transfer unit then transfers the eggs from the patented elevator chain to the cross belt. EggSmart can collect eggs from up to four tiers simultaneously.


Main advantages


  •     Collection capacity of up to 9,000 eggs per hour;
  •     Simultaneous collection of eggs from up to 4 tiers;
  •     Little space required in the end set area;
  •     Easy access to all cage rows, no obstructions because of the cross collection;
  •     No dosing units necessary, I.E. Maintenance and adjustment requirements are at a minimum;
  •     The rod conveyor has a cleaning function so that dirt and eggs without shell do not reach the elevator chain;
  •     No synchronisation between rod conveyor and elevator chain necessary;
  •     The rod conveyor’s housing is made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic, making it resistant to corrosion and easy to clean;
  •     Use of high-quality chain modules that have proved their worth in the eggcellent elevator;
  •     Easy to install.