ChickenBoy (Poultry Growing )

 Higher productivity and increased welfare with an autonomous robot and artificial intelligence


ChickenBoy is an analysis robot that supports the daily tasks of broiler producers very effectively. The robot collects valuable data over the entire batch and around the clock. Based on these data, the robot automatically prepares helpful graphs, diagrams and tables. ChickenBoy is equipped with different sensors and several cameras for this purpose.


A great benefit: ChickenBoy moves along fixed rails approximately half a metre above the birds, allowing for a very exact detection and mapping of the situation in the barn – without direct contact with the birds


Main advantages


  •     Higher productivity due to accurately mapped data, intelligent image analysis and evaluation of images and data
  •     - exact and improved climate control;
  •     - early detection of diseases;
  •     - little to no use of antibiotics;
  •     - faster identification of technical issues;
  •     Improved bird health and thus also better welfare;
  •     Permanent weak-point analysis by an autonomous, self-learning ai robot;
  •     Lower mortality;
  •     Lower rejection rate in the slaughterhouse;
  •     Faster reaction to problems.