Eurovent-Parents breeder poultry cage (Egg Production)

The modern manure belt system for layer breeders

EUROVENT-Parents is a manure belt system for layer breeders designed by Rashmi International for the production of hatching eggs. Compartments are 1250 mm wide and have a standard length of 2412 mm. They can, however, be extended in steps of 60 cm so that the flock size can be determined individually.

A reinforced perch is positioned in the centre of the compartments. The male breeders especially like to use this perch. Closed partitions promote calmness and quiet within the flock by ensuring that males in different groups remain separated. All wire meshes used for bottom wires and cage fronts are zinc-aluminium coated. This special alloy resists corrosion and trust more effectively than other materials, thus guaranteeing a longer service life. EUROVENT-Parents is available with or without air duct.

The system allows for a high stocking density, has minimum labour requirements and ensures clean hatching eggs.

Main advantages

  • Optimum number of birds
  • Healthy and vigorous males and females
  • Clean hatching eggs
  • Low salmonella risk
  • Uniform high laying performance
  • Good feed conversion
  • Low mortality rate
  • High efficiency thanks to a high degree of automation (feed and water supply, egg collection, manure removal)
  • Low labour and control requirements
  • Very low ammonia emissions
  • Hardly any flies in the system
  • In case of manure belt ventilation: dry manure, with a dry matter content of up to 60 percent, which can be conveniently stored and spread