PIL-10 – Point Load Tester





The PIL-10 is a portable point load tester used for determining the point load strength index for rock strength classification. Keeping all the qualities of our former PIL-7 tester, the PIL-10 offers increased strength, productivity, reliability and ease of use. Its durable stainless steel construction can handle hard cores up to PQ size.


The PIL-10 point load tester consists of a loading frame, a hydraulic cylinder, a pump and a pressure gauge for maximum load reading. An upper conical platen is fixed on the frame and a lower one on the cylinder piston. A graduated scale is fixed on the frame and indicates the specimen diameter.

A quick disconnect coupling make it easy to disassemble the pump from the main frame for  ease of transportation. A removable protective cover work jointly with a fix tray to create an enclosure that keeps the rock fragments and debris contained for a safe and clean work environment.


Test Procedure

Three point load test configurations are used depending on the available rock specimens:


Diametrical – Axial – Irregular lump

The diametrical and axial tests use core specimens with length/diameter (L/D) ratios greater than 1.0 in the first case, and between 0.3 and 1.0 in the second case. Rock pieces of suitable irregular shapes are used when cores are not available.

The testing steps are the same for all configurations:

1) The specimen is positioned between the conical platens. The   platens are then closed to make contact.

2) The distance “De” between the points of contact is read on       the scale.

3) The load is increased such that failure occurs within 10 to 60   sec. and the failure load “P” is read and recorded.



   Maximum specimen size    102 mm
   Maximum load    100 kN
   Scale minor division    1 mm and 1/32’’



Pressure gauge 

   Range    100 000 kPa
   Accuracy     ±0.2% F.S.
   Available units      kN*, bar, MPa, psi


Load measurement accuracy                                               1 kN


Ordering Info

  • The unit comes in a custom made road case