RT-MUX 16/32 – Signal Multiplexer




The RT-MUX-16/32 is a compact, robust and reliable signal multiplexer. The cost effective RT-MUX can be used in daisy-chain configuration for additional economy


The RT-MUX-16/32 Signal Multiplexer is a cost effective way to expand the amount of channels a single datalogger can handle. The use of this multiplexer enables the user to lower the overall cost of a telemetry system on a project by maximizing the use of a single datalogger and minimizing the amount of cable required when used in a junction box.


It can multiplex up to 32 sensors (with 2 conductors each) or 16 sensors (with 4 conductors each). Its modular design offers the possibility to add an effective surge protection that will protect every channel against lightning or EMI/RFI.


The compact size of the RT-MUX-16/32 allows the user to save space within a switchbox or within an Automatic Datalogging System (ADAS), and its low power consumption won’t drain a standalone battery-powered data acquisition system.


RT-MUX-16/32 can be used in daisy-chain configuration. They can operate in a serial layout; An economic feature to minimize the cable length required to link multiple multiplexers to the same datalogger.


The RT-MUX-16/32 is the champion of low power consumption with a quiescent current of less than 20uA. When powered to take a measurement, the RT-MUX-16/32 has the capability to power multiple pairs of sensors individually or the full multiplexer.




  Number of Channels   16 channels (4 wires) or 32 channels (2 wires)
  Initial contact resistance   0,1?
  Max. switching current   500 mA at 30VDC
  Max. switching voltage   110VDC
  Insulation resistance   > 1000M?
  Contact Life   > 5 x 105 operations
  Max. relay actuation time    50ms
  Reset and Clock signals   TTL level (5,5 V maximum)
  Power   10—16 VDC (unregulated)
  Max. Current per 12V output   250 mA
  Max. Current all 12V output   1A 
  Quiescent Current   <20uA
  Active Current   <25mA
  Operating T°   -40°C to +70°C
  Storage T°   -40°C to +70°C
  Humidity   0-95% RH, non condensing
  Dimension Weight   57 x 126 X 273 mm / ≈1 kg



Surge Protection



  No Protection1   Standard model
   Reverse protection on power(12V)
   TVS 1500W on Clock and reset input/output
  Gaz tube protection2    All features above plus
   230V 5kA 1pF on all input signals
  Full protection3    All features above plus
   6 elements protection
   Gaz tube , TVS and inductance
   10 uH inductor to limit inrush surge current
   TVS 36V 1500W on all input signals




    Does not affect the input signal
    Offers protection with almost no signal effects
    Not recommended to read low resistance signal and high voltage (higher than 25V)


Ordering Info


Please specify:

  •     Optional gas tube surge protection
  •     Optional full surge protection
  •     Rotary switch connectors